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Examples Of The Best Sports Movies
There are many people about 20{8eacbf63c05664b258beb8884d065facedddb1ccecc6c9694d414b1b3d2bdd93} that are on a daily basis engaging in various kinds of sporting activities. Some sport movies are majorly the source of inspiration as well as motivation for the children that participate in sports. these movies build up the curiosity of the children thus making them engage in various sports such as golf and even football. In this discussion we will look at the sports movies that has been popular among people throughout time from a blog that was previously written.
An example of one such great movie to be produced and released in 2002, is the one by the title Bend It Like Beckham. The main star in the movie is a young lady (British-Indian), who wanted nothing more than to play football as a professional, but the parents would not let her. Jess Bjamra wanted to be just like the best player of all time David Beckham, and was able to achieve this irregardles of the opinions that her parents had.
This blog was also able to mention Miracle as one of the best sports movie that most certainly had a great cast and one that was majorly about hockey. This movie Miracle should how one can be able to achieve and deliver greatness and victory in any sport by working together during and being able to deliver great amount of teamwork.
In the 1970s there was a great movie that was produced that was called the Bad News Bears. It was based on a team of athletically challenged individuals who went ahead to move beyond their limits so that they would work as a unit.
There was also great sports movie that got to win an Oscar just as a result of how awesome and well it was doing compared to other movies this movie is called Rocky. It is a movie that shows that one can get up and rise above all the challenges and still have a great chance at greatness. The boxer, Stallone underwent many challenges but was able to overcome them all.
There was also a movie about basketballs that was popular and was called Hoop Dreams. The Hoop Dreams is a story that was based on two young African American boys that moved to go to attend a basketball event and also hoped to be able to play in it someday. The movie was able to focus on issues such as racism, diligence and poverty.
A golf based movie that had a great humor and good to watch was the Caddyshack. The Friday Night Lights was also a movie on this blog that was popular and was based on football.
The Big Lebowski was another great movie that was all about the bowling sport. The blog also identified a nice sport movie that was known as the Wrestler.